How to download and play VR video for Android:

  • 1) Using WiFi, download the video from your phone and save it to your download folder
  • 2) Download the VR app "AAA VR Cinema" from the Google Play store (it is free)
  • 3) Open up AAA VR Cinema click "Play from finder"
  • 4) Locate the download folder where you saved the video to (probably in the downloads folder) and open the video. The video is called "rebirth_redirect_w_dialogue_lowBR_ROULETTE.mp4"
  • 5) Click "Stacked 360" and hit the play button
  • 6) On the next screen leave Screen Size: at 90, and also check "Hide all buttons"
  • 7) Hit play again and the video will play!

How to download and play VR video for iPhone

  • 1) Download the app Mobile VR Station from the itunes store
  • 2) Push this button to copy the download link
  • 2.5) Or if this is easier, copy this:
  • 3) Open Mobile VR Station and click the Download/Stream section
  • 4) In the download options click "Save" and the video will download
  • 5) Play the video! (If there is an option, make sure it is stacked and 360 degrees)

If the full video does not play it is because there was an interruption in the download. Just delete it and try again. Or you could download it from your computer and add it to your phone