Leave Your Body

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The Out of Body Experience Clinic

For the month of April 2015, Louis B James will debut the Out of Body Experience Clinic at 143b Orchard St in New York’s Lower East Side. The clinic will be equipped with some of the most cutting edge technology and trained docents to guide clients into a fully immersive experience outside of their physical bodies. While waiting for the experience, clients can enjoy a complimentary coffee in the waiting room while viewing new works by the artist Jeremy Couillard, as well as a new cable television channel, The Bob Monroe 24/7 Out of Body Experience News Network.

The Bob Monroe 24/7 Out of Body Experience News Network

Preview the cable news channel before its debut in April, 2015.

BM247OBENN’s mission is to create the finest possible news product and to present hard-breaking, national, and international news in OBE’s, as it unfolds. They deliver unparalleled perspectives across multiple categories, including political, medical, financial, technology, entertainment, and more.

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The clinic will debut on Friday April 3rd, 2015 and be open until May 10th. Each OBE lasts roughly ten minutes. Walk-ins are welcome, but an appointment will ensure you a spot and less waiting time. Feel free to contact us to schedule your experience.

Email: info@louisbjames.com


143b Orchard Street

New York, New York 10002

United States

Tel: 212-533-4670


Wednesday - Saturday 11-6pm

Sunday 12-6pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday